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Kiwi Classic Redball event - Signup here

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Burnside Park Tennis Club is excited to announce we will again be running a Redball Kiwi Classic tournament. Spots are limited so get in quick!

Open to all ages

To signup, please visit: - BPTC online entry

The event is designed for fun, encouraging play and participation. Best efforts will be encouraged, but sporting behaviour will be expected and any excess of competitive attitude will be discouraged.

Event organisers will adjust some rules to suit the varied ability of players (especially serving, in beginner cases double bounces and double hits may be allowed)

Parents will be expected to be attentive to help inexperienced players with simple scoring and to follow instructions of event organisers.

The first session of doubles play will be used to help group the players into similar abilities. After that singles will commence with everyone getting four short format games

Please enter before Sunday 22nd if you want to be reasonably assured of entry. Entries may be limited to the first 24 or 32 players. Entries after Thursday 26th including entries on the day may be accommodated if practicable subject to space and entry numbers at the time.

When you submit the signup form in the linked above, you will receive an immediate confirmation email. If that you do not receive the email please contact the tournament organisers separately. If you have two or more players please submit a new form for each player.

In the event of rain cancellation, announcements will be made by email before 9am. Entry fees will be not be refunded due to the administrative difficulty and will be retained as donations toward Burnside Park Tennis Club.

What if you're already playing orange or green ball? Up to you - we had green ball kids last year who enjoyed the fun aspect of redball tennis. If you want to be sure of a good matchup then bring a friend with you.

Below are a few photos from the same event we ran back in March 2020:

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