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Junior Results:

Spring Tournament: 7-11 October 2018

EJ Gonzaga: winner Boys 12 singles and doubles

Alkmimi Giannakogiorgou: Girls 14 singles runner up, and doubles winner

Won-Jeong Kim: Girls 14 3rd singles, and doubles winner

George Austin: Boys 12 3rd singles, and doubles runner up

Alvin Na: Boys 10 singles runner up

Teams Event - Canterbury vs Tasman: 13 & 14 October 2018

Alkmini, Won-Jeong and Cherry Zhou represented Canterbury against Tasman last weekend in Blenheim, coming through demanding matches unbeaten.

Junior Masters - Hamilton : 20-22 October 2018

Alkmini: 6th

Won-Jeong: 8th

EJ: 11th

Cherry: 15th

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