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Senior Club Championships

It's time again for the Senior Club Championships. These are free to play and this year will be open to all Senior, Junior, Student & Casual members. There are separate draws for Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles and Men’s and Women’s Singles. Each draw will be played on a single Saturday, with a reserve day in case of rain. The dates are as follows:

21st March: Men’s & Women’s Doubles

28th March: Men’s & Women’s Doubles Backup

4th April: Mixed Doubles

18th April: Mixed Doubles Backup

2nd May: Men’s & Women’s Singles

9th May: Men’s & Women’s Singles Backup

The format will be the same as last year. A knockout draw with consolation for the first round losers. Seeding will be based on Match Hub rankings. Each match will be best of three sets up to four games (win by two), with tiebreaks at four-all in each set. Doubles will play short deuce & Singles play long deuce. The tournaments will start at 11am on the assigned days, with the draws published the day before. Entries close at 5pm on the Thursday before the date. In the event of rain, the backup day will be used, and the entries will be re-opened. Players may withdrawal if the backup day doesn’t suit.

To enter, please add your name to the sign up sheet on the club noticeboard inside the clubroom.

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