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Reporting an Incident or Accident

To assist the Burnside Park Tennis Club in meeting its Health & Safety responsibilities, we ask that if you do have an incident or accident while visiting the club or playing tennis, to please complete the form below.

All questions are mandatory and the information received will help in our in-house investigation to determine the cause of the incident or accident and to put in place procedures or controls to minimise the chances of a recurrence. 

In the event of a "serious harm" or signification hazard the Club President must be advised immediately.

Incident/Accident Investigation Form
At the time of the incident/accident were you?
Is this report for you or someone else?
Body Location of Injury
Body location cont.
Did you require First Aid Treatment?
Was an ambulance required?
Did you require Hospital Treatment

Thank you for submitting this incident form. 
The Club will be in contact with you soon.

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