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2021 Senior Club Championships

Please see below the dates for the upcoming 2021 senior club championships. We encourage as many of you to enter after the 2020 championships were cancelled due to the Covid lockdown.

Please note the additional B grade category added this year, this has been added to get as many club members to enter the championships. However this additional category does come with entry conditions (see below).


Saturday 10th April (Reserve Day Sunday 11th April) - Mixed Doubles - Open Grade

Saturday 17th April (Reserve Day Sunday 18th April) - Womens Doubles - A+B Grades

Saturday 24th April (Reserve Day Sunday 25th April) - Mens Doubles - A+B Grades

Saturday 1st May (Reserve Day Sunday 2nd May) - Womens Singles - A+B Grades

Saturday 8th May (Reserve Day Sunday 9th May) - Mens Singles - A+B Grades

Tournament Notes

1. The scoring format will be decided by vote upon entry, please indicate your preference of either:

a) Best of three sets (first to 4/5) as per previous years or

b) One set, first to 7 games (tiebreak at 6-6)

Majority to decide (one vote per member upon first entry) and this scoring method will be adopted across all competitions.

2. All categories to be a knockout competition. Depending on entry numbers the B Grade section could be combined with a plate competition from A grade first round knockouts.

3. Start time 9:30am (weather pending)

4. Reserve Days to be used to complete unfinished games from prior day if required

5. A Grade matches to be played on hard courts

6. B Grade matches to be played on astro turf or hard courts (as agreed by both players)

7. Mixed doubles games to be played on either hard court or astro surface agreeable by both teams (coin flip if surface can't be agreed upon)


1. Open Grade – Open to any eligible club member (see below)

2. A Grade – Open to any eligible club member (see below)

3. B Grade – Any eligible club member who has played any interclub (junior or senior) tennis in the preceding 2020/21 season is not eligible to enter this category OR any member with a current configure ranking of S9 / D9 or higher (eg S9, S8, S7 etc, D9, D8, D7 etc)


Any Junior, Senior, Senior casual, Sunday interclub or Student club member who was a member at 1st October 2020.

Entries for each category will close on the Monday preceding the weekend of that tournament (eg Mixed Doubles entries will close on Monday 5th April).

There are entry forms on the club notice board or you can enter by emailing

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